Often, we look upon Nature as something that exists outside of ourselves… external, a force to contend with.

But we are not outside of nature we are within it. We are of it. All of nature… the fierce competition amongst species to live and to reproduce, the sheer beauty in the vast diversity of living things… surrounds us. In fact we thrive within it.

A beautiful winter scene
A beautiful winter scene

The average human lifespan worldwide was 73.2 years in 2020. In the year 1950 it was 47.0 years. If this seems difficult to believe consider this Canadian statistic: the average citizen lives over 25 years longer than they would have 100 years ago. If nothing else, this should have us reconsider our sense of risk and danger in our own lives today.

The Covid-19 flu virus is, of course, a particularly nasty infection. We risk possible death ( on average a less than 5% chance), a few days with severe flu symptoms and the potential for serious long-term complications when we allow ourselves to be exposed. Yes… it is logical, and therefore prudent, to:

  • get vaccinated eight
  • wear protective gear in public
  • social distance whenever possible

There are also economic risks to be considered during this crisis. Firstly, due to workflow interruptions at production facilities, many products are in short supply. And as the demand for consumables, such as food, remains constant the prices will continue to rise. Secondly, many of the local small businesses and the jobs they sustain have been lost or are under serious threat. There is little that any one individual can do to solve the first economic issue however by choosing to shop locally each one of us can play a significant role in keeping our community’s jobs and small businesses alive. It is a certainty that the Amazon, Walmart and Costco’s of the world will survive this pandemic’s effects.

So, as we consider these risks and the restrictions that come with them, what are we to do to feel alive and engaged? Remember, the limitations on our work and social interactions are dictated by our society’s reaction to the pandemic threat… not by nature. Nothing is stopping us from exercising outside instead of going to a gym. Nothing is stopping us from walking in the forest with a friend. Nothing is stopping us from enjoying a sun filled day even in below freezing temperatures. We will adapt… we always have and we always will.