Something happened on the way back from the tattoo parlour

I was never a tattoo guy; I believed tattoos were for sailors or people who did not respect themselves, until one day I was given a different perspective. I became ill at the age of 50 and suddenly the tattoos that I saw around me became beautiful. My caregivers body art, showing their personal history and dreams for the future, spoke volumes without saying a word! I could now see tattoos in a new way.

So off I go to the tattoo parlour with my new feeling, what do I have to lose. I now felt that I could put something, meaningful to me, on my body without reservations. I chose to have a small tattoo, of my wife’s name Kelly, put on my left forearm. It was much more painful than I expected, but I was happy with the outcome. I was now excited to go home and show it to my wife and stepson.

“What’s that on your left arm?”, my wife inquires. “That is my new tattoo!” I proudly exclaim. Kelly asked to see under the bandage. As my caregiver draws back the bandage, I feel strong anticipation! “Who the heck is Chelly?”, Kelly says with surprise!

My heart drops! She doesn’t like it. “No, it says Kelly!”, I insist. Kelly calls out for Logan to come and see the tattoo. He looks at it for half a second. “Who the heck is Chelly?“, he says matter-of-factly. “No… no!”, I implore. I continue to insist that it really says Kelly!

Suddenly, I realize I have been had…twice! For the first time, I could see that the tattoo artist’s extra flair with the letter K made it look like a CH. As for Kelly and Logan, I remembered, in that instant, that their instinct is to tease first… then laugh when the victim finally gets the joke. Ha ha ha!

It has been a running joke, for us all, ever since.

Transcription and editing services provided by Shalyn Arseneau

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