Performance Art By Dustyn Forbes

Editors note: this post will be a variation of our interview theme.

Dustyn Gregory Forbes is a 22-year-old art student who is currently attending his second year at The Canadian College of Performing Arts in Victoria, B.C.

He grew up in Kingston, New Brunswick and went on to graduate from Hampton High School. He then decided to spent four years studying, as majors, English and Drama at St. Thomas University.

Dustyn has created a Performance Art Piece called Parallel Lines. It is a wonderful creation of Dance and Spoken Word Art! He brilliantly shows how we collectively, and individually, struggled with the trauma of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Dustyn interviewed dozens of people to find the raw material for this dance performance.

What inspired his chosen form? “When you can’t say with words how you are feeling, you dance. I think it is the most universal and transcultural form of communicating emotions and shared experiences—that’s why I do it :)”.

I have included the YouTube link for the video. I have also included, thanks to Dustyn, the final script.

Transcription and editing services provided by Shalyn Arseneau

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