Interviews With Children – #2

Today’s Interviewee: Asia-Leigh

allan: what is your name and how old are you?
Asia-Leigh:  Asia-Leigh and I am fifteen.
allan: who are your best friends?
Asia-Leigh: Harlie, Addie & Maddy.
allan: what is it about someone that makes them a good friend?
Asia-Leigh:  Loyalty & Trust
allan: what is your favorite class at school?
Asia-Leigh:  Math.
allan: what is your least favorite class at school?
Asia-Leigh:  Science.
allan: what is covid-19?
Asia-Leigh:  A virus that has taken over the whole world.
allan: how has covid-19 affected your life?
Asia-Leigh:  It has affected my school learning and the sports I used to play.
allan: would you rather take the best pictures or be the most amazing model?
Asia-Leigh:  I would rather take the best pictures.
allan: what is the biggest issue facing teen girls today?
Asia-Leigh:  I don’t know.
allan: what do you think is the best thing about getting older?
Asia-Leigh:  I get to realize what the world is like more that when I was a kid.
allan: what would you like to do when you finish high school?
Asia-Leigh:  Cosmetology.
allan: what do you like to do for fun?
Asia-Leigh:  I like to hang out and FaceTime friends.
allan: what privileges do you most look forward to as you get older?
Asia-Leigh:  Being able to hang out with friends whenever I’d like. 
allan: what has been the proudest moment of your life?
Asia-Leigh:  When I realized I was doing better in school than I thought.
allan: what is something that you always wanted to ask me?
Asia-Leigh:  I don’t know.
allan: what makes you laugh the most?
Asia-Leigh:  When my friends and I are sending each other stupid videos.
allan: what is your biggest worry?
Asia-Leigh:  That someone in my family could get injured.
allan: what things are you best at doing?
Asia-Leigh:  Hair & Nails.
allan: what is your favorite christmas holiday tradition?
Asia-Leigh:  Opening PJ’s on Christmas Eve and watching Christmas movies.
allan: who would you say is your hero? family or not family.
Asia-Leigh:  Dad & Harlie.
allan: what do your siblings do that you do not like?
Asia-Leigh:  They torment me a lot.
allan: what is your favorite food? why do you like it?
Asia-Leigh:  Avocado toast.
allan: what food do you hate? why?
Asia-Leigh:  I don’t like mushrooms.
allan: what would be your dream job?
Asia-Leigh:  Probably like a nurse.
allan: what do boys do that bothers you?
Asia-Leigh:  They are very annoying and rude.
allan: what do boys do that you would like?
Asia-Leigh:  When they are nice and caring.
allan: thank you asia-leigh for answering my questions.
Asia-Leigh: You’re welcome. 

_Editors note: This is a transcript from a telephone call. It has been edited to remove long silences and illegible sounds.

Transcription and editing services provided by Shalyn Arseneau

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